Danca...."dance for all the pain that never wept..." (play audio track at bottom of post) 

Gotta share this, people... it's my rewrite of a Brazilian song called "Danca" by Chico Cesar....a quick recording in my garage, one man band style. Still not polished, as the life of a busy father isn't, but alive it is in my heart: 

"Fingers from a tiny hand outstretched                                    
A gun, a breast, a stone, a flower pressed
The human plan that broke the clan, amnesia
Hosana in the highest, angels watching in the sky
Dance as all the beauty slips between the fingers grasping for the moon

Dance if you are broken, dance if you remember
Dance among the tears of all the tribes
Dance if you can stand it, dance if you are human
Dance upon the failures and the gleam
Dance with falling Pueblos, Dance with what we’re given
Dance as all the beauty slips away
Dance upon the graves, the bones of ancients dawning
Dance beneath the dust of Wounded Knee

Here the fires are burning, stars are burning
The way, the street, the ash, the path is worn
The moon, the boon, the net, the tide is weary
Fairies watching high above the town
The mud, the glitz, the blood, the gold, the young, the old, the stories that we’re told

Dance into the jungles, dance at what it’s come to,
        Dance for what you dream and will not see
Dance for fallen daughters, your ancestors, your fathers,
        Dance for all the pain that never wept
Dance for all your anger, dance amidst the strangers,
        Underneath the falling tower ships
Dance amidst the bombing, dance the spirit’s (devil’s) calling,
        Dance into the dirt from whence you’ve come"