Arizona house concerts sweet like citrus (does that mean sour too? :)

Just back from a quick house concert tour of Arizona: 3 nights by three campfires in 3 backyards under 3 trees (an big ash tree and two mesquites); beautiful people with glowing eyes, powerful connection through magical music in the breezy firelight...last night in Tucson, 45 people were counted on Nick and Jessica's patio, sharing the music, which was taken up many spiraling notches thanks to Geneva's harmonies and accompaniment on several mbira-based songs (here's a youtube video of the two of us playing my new song "Taireva" based on the ancient Zimbabwean mbira song) . What a treat. So many thanks to all the people willing to go out on a limb to host and attend an unfamiliar format for live music...and yet, isn't it the most familiar? Long live the house concert!