Upcoming Nature Connection/ Skills Events

Walkabout for Kids: a wild adventure of nature awareness, skills, and discovery
Thursday, May 8th ~ Topanga, CA ~ 9am - 2pm  ~  ages 7-13

A kids' exploration of the natural mystery right over the hill.  We will explore the woods, follow tracks, play games that awaken nature awaress and observation skills, and generally have a ball.  Skills such as fire by friction, natural cordage, and other ways of meeting your needs with the gifts of the natural world will be introduced, as well as how to become a skilled observer of nature, storytelling, group music and sharing, plant identification, and much more!
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Earth Ways: A one-day teen exploration of old way skills, nature connection and awareness
Saturday, May 10th ~ Topanga, CA  ~  9am - 3pm

 Join us as we explore the beautiful wild backyard of the L.A. area, working with skills such as firemaking from local plants and woods (no matches, lighters, or flint and steel involved), making natural cordage from local plant fibers, sneaking and stalking skills, plant and track identification, and fun nature awareness games.
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