1. Remystify

From the recording Remystify

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What is it that wants to leave my soul right now?
What wants to enter? What wants?
This unsatisfaction, it's like something's on the tip of my tongue, but I'm dumb
There's a splinter in my brain, but I only know for sure that it's there,
Without know where, how, or even what

How can a pen pour out an entire human soul like a bloodletting?
How can habit keep and entire human soul trapped,
Like a mouse in a cage?
The moon is on fire, pulling out it's hair, shouting:
Why so much light?
Why so much night in the journey of the soul?
How so much eternity in the gift box in your hand, wrapped?
I offer you the end of the ribbon;
Only you can pull it
Night opens into a place darker than darkness has even known
Pain is a tricky dullness now, secretly longing to be a shadow in a spotlight
Will you look into it's yellow eyes and allow it to vanish into it's destiny?
Poetry is like the wrinkled tape in a cassette,
That you keep pulling out,
Unwinding, to get to the smoothness,
To get to the silent music
Get to the smoothness, get to the silent music

The only thing this could ever be is a yes
Yes, uttered through lips
Sobbed in acceptance
Shouted from the crow's nest
Whispered through a smile in the dark
Into the ear of your own death

The arrow from the bow of truth, cut loose
A pebble in the sea, remystify

The arrow from the bow of truth, cut loose
A pebble in the sea, remystify