The benefits of nature-connection mentor-based education are incalculable in this modern era.  Here are the words of some parents, kids, and teens who have experienced some of those benefits through our programs.


   "In these days of exponential acceleration of the information and visual technologies, I am so grateful for the shift of pace, attention, and awareness offered to my son and his peers through nature education and primitive skills. While my son is tantalized by the high-tech, he is also motivated to create with his hands from sticks, leaves and mud. His level of awareness, surely assisted through Andrew's mentorship, never ceases to astound me. I have tremendous confidence that he will enter adulthood with the breadth of experience to meet the challenges of an ever changing world."


                  ~  Asher Gelbart

"My son has participated in Andrew’s program once a week for three years.  Andrew has deep love and respect for our earth, our ancestors, and traditional ways.  He has a clear understanding of how to connect with this age group of kids as well as the rare ability to draw out each child’s inner voice.  Seize this opportunity for your child to grow with other children in this now unique way.  I promise you will be glad you did."
                  ~ Carol Fugagli

"My 11-yr. old has joined in on Andrew's outdoor walkabout day for 4 years, and in that time, "walkabout" has become the highlight of his week.  Andrew has a gift for creating and maintaining a cohesive, dynamic group energy that is second to none; all participating kids seem nurtured and stimulated by the group itself and group activities.  My daughter (9) has also participated for over a year and with her own unique set of needs has also found a very loved place on "walkabout".   Andrew relates equally well to parents of participating kids, and has always been receptive to any parental input and/or concerns."  
                      ~Kori Wilken

"Andrew's weekly walkabout has been the high point--and, I believe, the most important part--of my son's education for four years now. His connection to nature, his confidence in his body, and his awareness of the way he relates to the earth and all its beings have been deeply nurtured and strengthened by this program. It has given him skills and sensibilities that seem to be increasingly rare in young people--and, in fact, any people--we meet. We have found this walkabout more valuable for a child learning how to move through the world than any school, lesson, or curriculum we could find. Thanks, Andrew!"
                      ~Maria Casler

"My kids have been attending Andrew Dahl-Bredine's Wild Walkabout courses for about 6 years.   They have gained friendships, practical skills, and a great love for the outdoors through their time in his courses.  I've seen growth in their attention span, a sharpening of their senses, and a whole body of knowledge about plants that surpasses my own. My kids list Andrew as one of their biggest heroes in the world, which I think says a lot!"
                      ~ Dulcie Ford

"Andrew Dahl-Bredine has had both my children in his classes since they were very young. I think my daughter was 4 when she took her first class from Andrew. She is now 19 years old and in her junior year in college and still talks about her classes with Andrew and how what she learned continues to benefit her now that she is out on her own. Our son is 11 years old, has ADHD and dyslexia, and has been involved with Andrew's Walk-About group for three years now, though he has taken other classes from Andrew since he was 7, and he loves it. He never wants to miss his Walk-About days. Andrew is so good with our son. He is understanding and patient with him, and not only works with him to increase his knowledge of the local enviroment and being safe in the wilderness, but also works with him to improve his self esteem, his ability to stay focused and control his emotions, as well as his body and mind, and aides him gently in his social skills. Even when our son has his "bad days" Andrew is always able to find a positive moment or two that leaves our son feeling good about himself and the experience. Andrew has a natural and casual way with young children and teens that instills trust and respect.  Andrew always puts saftey first, while still allowing the children to be children and explore and experience their environment in all the ways possible for that child. Everything is hands on. I have trusted Andrew to take my son into the Gila wilderness, and bring him back safely, and he has done that, though a little wetter and dirtier than when he left, and actually in the case of my son a lot wetter and dirtier, but with color in his cheeks, a light in his eyes, and a smile that would blind you. As a parent their is nothing more precious and beatiful than that. I thank God Andrew has come into my childrens lives and been such a positive influence."
                     ~  Luann Whittrock

"Earth Ways was a life changing experience for me. I often find myself returning to the lessons I learned and applying them to my life now. I think one of the most empowering and enlightening skills you can have is to be able to coexist with nature in a way that you are comfortable and happy and Earth Ways is a great way to achieve that. I recommend this program to anyone seeking Adventure, community, connection, and/or a deeper understanding of nature. I don't think this is an opportunity anyone wants to miss out on!" 
                   ~ Alex G., participant in teen EarthWays program

"The Earth Ways class was not only a fun positive way to get out a few times a month, but a necessary class to learn and understand the basic needs of survival and appreciation for mother earth. Many of the skills i learned in that class still serve me great purpose today (2 years later), such as starting a fire, food foraging, building a structure, and learning the importance of community."
                   ~ Sunday S., teen EarthWays participant

"My name is Daniel Chavez, I graduated from Aldo Leopold High School in 2012 and took part in Andrew's Earthways class as well as his capoeira class and he was my mentor for my internship as well. I have learned so much useful information from his lessons that it would take forever to tell all. So I will sum it up, in capoeira Andrew taught my brother and I how easy it is to interact with new people and how fun something new can be. In earthways I learned how to interact with nature in the most positive of ways and not just take what I need from it, but also compensate for what I took. In his internship I learned useful survival skills such as making my own rope, fire and housing. Andrew has had a very positive influence on my life and I know if you ask anyone else he has interacted with they will tell you the same."
                   ~ Daniel Chavez, teen Earthways participant, capoeira student, and high school intern

"I loved our Earth Ways class! It gave me a lot of awesome/funny/challenging/unique memories. It was more than just learning about sustainability or ecology, it taught me to have a personal connection to the natural world. More than that, I realized a lot about what it takes to be a supportive peer; together, in class, we were like one of the oldest and rawest forms of community there is-a tribe! I would definitely recommend this class to anyone looking for adventure."
                   ~  Holly Hayes, teen Earthways participant